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Services Offered

We provide a wide range of IT Communication services & solutions to our new and regular customers at competitive rates. Please feel free to find out about all of the services we offer below.

Data connectivity is essential for everyday life and business operations. Whether you need to get a PC connected to your LAN or need data cabling ran for your entire building, we can get it done.

We service new construction, residential, & business customers with only top quality CMR/CMP solid copper cable that will stand the test of time.
Whether you have a small office/home office needing network installation services or an enterprise level business, our network engineers have the experience and knowledge to design the ideal network that meets business demands.

We will design & implement your ideal network to lay a solid data foundation for your business.
Business downtime due to issues with your data network is not fun! You can rely on our system engineers to get your network and business back up and running in no time.

We provide network support services for emergency network outages, network equipment installations, & network troubleshooting.
Analog phone lines provide the foundation for essential life services as well as business operations and are integral to ensure safety & business continuity.

Wired CAT Communications provides analog phone line troubleshooting & support services that you can rely on.
Wired CAT Communications offers VOIP design & installation services to help modernize communications in today's tech age.

Implementing a VOIP network in your business can help streamline communication amongst colleagues & incorporate dynamic calling features not seen with analog phones.
Missed calls and customers unable to reach your business due to issues with your VOIP phones or network can be frustrating! Leave it to the system engineers at Wired CAT Communications to troubleshoot any and all VOIP issues you may be experiencing.

Our qualified technicians will efficiently diagnose & repair issues with data cable runs to the VOIP phones, complete network outages, & much more.
A well functioning DVR/NVR & CCTV network is integral for securing business assets & Intellectual Property. We service all models of CCTV cameras whether they are IPv4, RG59, or RCA connections. Our technicians have both the tools and experience needed to get your CCTV network running like new.

When you experience issues with your CCTV network & need to get your issues resolved fast, you can rely on Wired CAT Communications to get it done!
Having an operating burglar alarm system can be the factor between life and death. Not only does it ensure the safety of your employees but also your business property. Our technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge with troubleshooting & supporting low voltage burglar alarm systems.

Whether you are having issues with a hold up, door contact, or need an entire new burglar alarm system installed, we can help protect your integral business.
From performance issues, virus removal, re-imaging, you name it, we fix it. Our tech-savvy and efficient technicians can troubleshoot and resolve a variety of issues you may be experiencing with your PC.

After diagnosing the issue, we will work closely with you to discuss all possible resolutions in an easy to understand terminology.
Point of Sale registers & peripheral devices are integral for business cashflow. In many circumstances, even having (1) POS register offline can detrimentally impact businesses by losing thousands of dollars a day. We pride ourselves on providing fast & reliable POS support services for existing and new customers.

Having successfully completed many POS service calls for big name businesses such as Target, Aldi, American Eagle & more, you can rest assured that you are in good hands!
We service all different types of kiosks ranging from Healthcare kiosks in hospitals to help center & coupon kiosks in retail businesses. We have completed many kiosk service calls for companies such as Pursuant Health, EPC, & Pomeroy. Our current customers are very satisfied with the quality service calls we have provided and we sure you will be too!

When your kiosk needs to be serviced, you can rely on our experienced technicians to provide quality & efficient troubleshooting, routine maintenance, & repair.